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Ben’s Pineapple Shrimp

Clean eating, summer style!               Ben’s Pineapple Shrimp: Onion Red Pepper Garlic Fresh shrimp Fresh pineapple Sea salt Lime Lightly saute the vegetables, just enough to soften.   Add fresh shrimp and pineapple chunks and cook until just heated through – don’t overcook the shrimp!  Season to taste withContinue Reading

Competitive Plans for 2013? Top Performance – PowHERhouse Performance

I had a request to post progress shots this morning so felt that I’d better catch everyone up-to-date on my competitive athletic plans for the year.  When the year started, I set myself a competition date to train for because I always work harder with a concrete goal.  As the date approached, I felt thatContinue Reading

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

The key to sticking with a clean and healthy diet is to ensure it is SIMPLE but still holds tons of flavour!  These Turkey Lettuce Wraps definitely do the trick! In a wok: Brown up some ground turkey breast Add your choice of seasoning: garlic, Bragg’s Liquid Soy, Mexican seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper Add your choice ofContinue Reading

Cottage Cheese Patties – a Quick & Easy Dinner Fix

This is a super quick and easy recipe.  Perfect if you are looking for protein but a break from meat. 1 cup cottage cheese (1/2 c 2%, 1/2 c dry) 1 cup quick oats – raw oatmeal 1 cup breadcrumbs (I use Glutino Gluten Free crackers made into crumbs in the food processor or evenContinue Reading

Diabetic Lifestyle Solutions with

Last week I started with a new client.  She’s a busy mom with an even busier two-year-old.  After I explained her initial food structure, she commented that it looked like she would be eating much the same as she did during her pregnancy when she as diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  That really struck a chordContinue Reading

Food Prep – The Key To Your Success! Turkey Chili Recipe Shared!

Likely the biggest key to staying on track with eating clean is meal prep. Each weekend I try to make a recipe or two and tuck them into the fridge or freezer, especially the protein portion of meals. It’s easy to ‘grab carbs’ or to toss a salad together, so having the protein portion ofContinue Reading

Savory Salmon on Quinoa & Greens

This quick, easy and simple recipe offers tons of flavour with a slightly Spanish hint!  The key is in the marinating.  Salmon provides you with essential fats which help to stabilize blood sugar and encourage a healthy heart.  Stabilizing your blood sugar levels is KEY in losing bodyfat and maintaining a healthy bodyweight. Savory SalmonContinue Reading

Crustless Quiche with Mushrooms and Zucchini

This is a recipe from Oxygen magazine.  It’s delicious.  The thing I like about making stuff like this on the weekend is then you’ve got some clean meails prepared for the week ahead.  Ben’s rating:  10 out of 10!Continue Reading

Ironman Triathlon Athlete to Physique Competitor: Michele Swatton Updates Us On Her Journey

I can’t believe a month has gone by already… it seems like every three days or so I have more questions, more stuff I want to learn….”am I doing this exercise correctly? am I in the gym long enough? am I really doing enough cardio?”… the process is so humbling coming in so green. IContinue Reading

Desiree Ellis – Team Adviser, Posing & Stage Presence Coach, Professional Make-Up Artist for Team VIBE, a Competitors’ Club for Natural Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Athletes

Meet Desiree Ellis I was always athletic growing up. I ran track all through high school as a sprinter and a hurdler. I also played soccer, which was my favorite team sport, and did a bit of gymnastics. I have a martial arts background in kickboxing and kogido. And I didn’t really start weight trainingContinue Reading

Rev Up Your Metabolism: Sleek & Sexy Chicken Curry Recipe

Let’s get through February!  We’re almost there, and to take us the rest of the way with some clean eating yet flavourful food, here’s a crock pot favourite.  Here’s a perfect recipe to rev up your metabolism, tantilize your tastebuds and really ‘hit the spot’. Ready in about 40 minutes.  Serves 4 or 2 if your partner’s nameContinue Reading

Ironman Triathlete Turned Physique Athlete! Meet iBuildStrongWomen’s Team Member, Michele Swatton

My name is Michele Swatton. I will be 46 yrs old in less than a month, and I have found myself in a very new, uncharted chapter of my life. I’m a single mother of a 5-yr old daughter and am also a part-time student. This is a place I would have never dreamed of being inContinue Reading

Holy Crap, this is an Easy ‘n Delicious Low-Fat, Power-Packed Protein Tilapia Recipe!

Fish is a great source of lean protein with lots of bang for its buck.  What I mean is, you get alot of protein as well as essential fats from fish considering the little amount of calories per serving.  Take tilapia for example.  With a 4 oz serving of this mild, extra-lean, soft white fish,Continue Reading

First-Time Figure Competitor: Progress Check-In at a Busy 14 Weeks – Tara Collins Gabel

Wow..where has the time gone!?!? My Mexican holiday is now a long gone memory and I’m already feeling like I’m ready for a new vacation!! December was a gong show: on the go non-stop, kids out of school, family events, we all got sick with this crazy flu/cold thing going around and then of courseContinue Reading

Sleek and Sexy Clean Eating Recipe: Quiche Muffins

I tried these little muffins last week.  Great for a quick breakfast or lunch.  They also freeze well.  I like them because they are versatile – you can pretty much put whatever vegetables you want in them and also much them up into an ‘egg salad’ idea if you want them on brown rice toast,Continue Reading

New Beginnings… Time to Clean Up the Cr_p and Re-steady Your January Focus

We’re one week into January.  Have resolutions and good intentions already gone by the wayside?  How are you doing with your new beginnings?  Have they begun?  Or are they in need of a healthy shot of inspiration? Here’s three tips to use throughout the rest of this month to re-steady yourself: Plan for potholes:  We’reContinue Reading

Protein-Packed Sweet ‘n Tart Apple Crisp!

Over the next 18 weeks I’ll be sharing regular clean-eating recipes including quick ‘n easy meal ideas, make-them-on-the-weekend and be-prepared protein dishes and of course super yummy treats that taste too good to be true but won’t block your progress.  I’m on my way to the Emerald Cup stage on Saturday, May 4th, and IContinue Reading

A Testimonial From My Coach & Mentor, Desiree Ellis ~ Women I Adore!

The following testimonial was written by my friend, coach and mentor, Desiree Ellis, one of the women I adore most in my life… “I met Charlene over 10 years ago in the gym.  Then sometime after she became one of my clients and friend.  And all it took was a smile.  She asked me toContinue Reading

Mikayla Custance: Training Hard and Prepping for May! Figure Competitor and Fitness Model Off-Season Energy

Wow, what a busy last few months! Since the Emerald Cup I have been back in the gym training hard.  I plan to compete again in May.  This time at the Emerald Cup and the Western Naturals in Kelowna.  My goal is to place top 3 or top 5 and to qualify for the BCContinue Reading

Journey to the Stage: Tara Collins, Figure Competitor and Client

Written November 6th, 2012 So there I was with my Starbucks latte in hand, driving out to meet Charlene for our first meet and greet, with pouring Vancouver rain pelting against my windshield and, believe it or not, both nervous and anxious about it all. Why anxious??! I don’t know, really?! Best guess…probably because IContinue Reading

Permission To Be Selfish This Holiday Season: You Deserve the Gift of Your Very Best Life!

I know what you’re thinking.  Yes, I’m likely going against everything our mothers ever taught us about holiday gift-giving, after all, ‘It’s better to give then receive.’  Yeah, yeah, that’s all well and good, and I believe in that.  However, this holiday season I need for you to do me a huge favour. What would happenContinue Reading

Freeway to Fat Loss: Turkey Bacon Bison Balls ~ A Holiday ‘Clean-Eating’ Holiday Appy Idea!

Yesterday I made these simple, attractive and delicious, clean-eating appies – Turkey Bacon Bison Balls – for a Body Composition and Nutrition Workshop & Potluck at our personal fitness coaching studio in Gibsons Landing, VIBE.  The workshop ~ and these appies ~ were a stellar success! The recipe is from Oxygen’s November 2012 issue, andContinue Reading

Introducing Tara: Pumpkin-scone Loving, Starbucks Latte-drinking, wife, mother and new figure competitor!

Crystal-esque stilettos, sequin bare-all bikini, extra dark spray tan…hmmm, not the “average” goal for a pumpkin scone loving, Starbucks latte drinkin, 37-year-old woman, wife and mother of 2, but I am excited to say that it soon WILL BE as I begin to venture on the fitness journey of my life. That’s right, I amContinue Reading

Pumpkin Protein Muffins – bite-size energy helping you towards your fitness and fat loss goals!

Pumpkin Protein Muffins Recipe customized by CSJ, Fitness & Lifestyle Management  Coach for Women 1 cup canned pumpkin, no sugar 2 scoops vanilla protein powder (Edge – now available at VIBE) 2 tbsp ground flax seeds 2/3 cup eggwhites 1 tsb baking powder 1 tbsp unsweetened coconut – optional Vanilla extract & cinnamon to tasteContinue Reading

Freeway to Fat Loss: Top 10 Fat Loss Tips by Charlene SanJenko, Natural Physique Competitor, Fitness Expert & Performance Coach

Freeway to Fat Loss Top 10 Fat Loss Tips By Charlene SanJenko, Fitness Expert & Performance Coach I’ve been asked over and over for my Top 10 Fat Loss Tips.  Well, here they are.  More information.  Words on a page. Unless, you put them into action. #1. Know what you want. Focus. Those whoContinue Reading

The No-Time-for-Breakfast Solution: Char’s Powerhouse ‘Overnight Protein Pudding’

No time for breakfast?  No excuses with this quick and simple high-energy, high-protein recipe.  Mix together: 1/2-2/3 cup Liberty 0% Plain Greek Yogurt 1/4-1/2 cup Dry-curd cottage cheese 1/2 cup Frozen berry blend 2 tbsp chia seeds or Skinny B cereal 1 scoop Edge whey protein powder (now available at VIBE!) Sprinkle cinnamon or XylosweetContinue Reading

November 3rd: The Scale is Obsolete! Body Composition & Nutrition Workshop at VIBE ~ Increase Your Energy, Optimize Your Metabolism & Kick Start Your Fat Loss This Fall

On Saturday, November 3rd from noon-3 pm we are pleased to host a special Body Composition & Nutrition Workshop at VIBE Personal Vibrancy Lifestyle Management.  The workshop will be hosted by Charlene SanJenko and Ben Smith along with a very special guest from Vancouver, Peter Schwagly of Bodycomp Imaging. We all know the scale is obsolete,Continue Reading

Tilapia Protein Patties: Being Prepared Equals Being On Top of Your Game

A huge part of being successful with your clean-eating and fat loss plans is setting up a simple, doable strategy, finding a like-minded group to be at part of and stay accountable to and having the tools, recipes and meal-planning ideas you need.  Yesterday at Vibe Personal Vibrancy Lifestyle Management we hosted our second inContinue Reading

Align and Focus This Fall: Fresh Starts, Fit Habits, Fat Loss & New Beginnings

Maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo (yeah Virgo’s!) or perhaps it’s because as a kid I was always such a keener to start a brand new school year, but I’ve always, always loved Fall. It’s the crisp air, bright autumn skies, vibrant colours and palpable energy. Fall means a fresh start.  It’s time to focus,Continue Reading


Twelve years in the making… So excited to announce that my new ebook Freeway to Fat Loss – How to Lose Weight, Increase Energy and Fix Your Metabolism is now available on Kindle.  It’s a simple read and a no-nonsense approach to what really works.   YES! “Freeway to Fat Loss – How to Lose Weight, IncreaseContinue Reading

Charlene SanJenko, new Wellness Editor for Hat Trick Strategies

Open publication – Free publishing – More careers static.issuu.comContinue Reading

A Family that Trains Together Stays (Happy!) Together

Nine years ago was my happiest and healthiest time. I was 19 years old and in what I thought to be my prime. I was an obsessive gym rat, living in the gym day in and day out and watching my diet. My reward for my twice daily, 6 days a week workouts was aContinue Reading

New Recipe, 30-Minute Meatza & Veggie ‘Pizza’

I made this the other night and it turned out great! Will be making it again today! By:  Mikayla Custance, CSJ Guest Blogger, Fitness Model & Figure Competitor 30-Minute Meatza & Veggie ‘Pizza’  Crust: 1 package (454g) of lean ground turkey 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp dried oregano 1 tsp dried basil Preheat ovenContinue Reading

Strengthen Your Reasons to Strengthen Your Opportunity for Optimal Success

Fitness. Really? What’s in it for ME? A long time ago I learned just how important having a solid reason to take care of yourself by eating well, exercising regularly and embodying a positive attitude truly is. The stronger the reason(s), the more likelihood for carry-through to actually do what you said you would do. Implementation is theContinue Reading

Verona Trincabelli: Week 6 of my 12-Week Sleek & Sexy Online Fitness Transformation

This is Week # 6 for me on the 90-Day Sleek and Sexy Fitness Transformation online program with Charlene SanJenko. I came across this program when I signed up for the Best Me Community Challenge. Fitness has been part of my life since I was 13 years old so I do consider myself a moderately fitContinue Reading

12 Weeks to NPC Washington Ironman Naturals – Contest Prep Update for Natural Physique Competitor Charlene SanJenko

It’s hard to believe that we’re already just 12 weeks away from the Ironman Naturals stage.  It’s going fast and about to get much faster, I assume.  I’m happy with how prep is going AND it’s time take them to the next level now that we’re at the 12-week mark. Here’s the update: My posingContinue Reading

Tightening Up Contest Prep: 14 Weeks to the Washington Ironman Naturals

Here are my 14 week progress shots (please scroll down).  I invite you to read my full update blog on the Craig Productions website, the amazing promoters of the Emerald Cup as well as my show in October, the Washington Ironman Naturals.    Continue Reading

Is Carb-Crazed Confusion Cramping Your Style? A Simple Approach to Eating for Fat Loss Once and For All

There seems to be ongoing and continuous confusion around the topic of carbs (carbohydrates) and fat loss.  There’s so much information available that people aren’t experiencing it for themselves – in their own bodies – in order to answer their own questions. This blog focuses on a simple approach to eating for fat loss becauseContinue Reading

Freeway to Fat Loss: CSJ’s ‘Licious Top 10 Power Foods & Why

I want to get the most bang for my buck when I eat.  I want to leverage every single calorie that I can to help make me stronger, more radiant, vibrant, active and energetic than any other almost-43 year old woman I know.  ;)  Okay, that’s my personal goal, and you’ll have yours.  Sharing myContinue Reading

CSJ CREATORS Competitors Club for Female Athletes: Charlene SanJenko, 20 Weeks Out from NPC Ironman Naturals on October 6th, 2012

20 weeks goes by regardless.  Time waits for no one. The question is:  Will you be closer to your goal (in 20 weeks), further away from it or stuck in the exact same place. I’ve got exactly 20 weeks today until I step on-stage at the 2012 NPC Washington Ironman Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Physique andContinue Reading

Mexican Green Bean Salad

I truly am The Salad Queen!  Here’s my latest creation from Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  Hence the name, Mexican Green Bean Salad. Lightly stir-fry red onions and chopped cabbage.  Add salt & pepper.  Set aside. Lightly stir-fry green beans, red pepper and carrot. Add Tajin (Mexican spice). Add mushrooms just behind setting aside.  Don’t overcook youContinue Reading

What You Do Every Day Designs Your Destiny

Daily practice is a term that I use over and over and over again: The practice of how we choose to live our lives on a daily basis by the choices we make. Let me put it bluntly: Whatever you do every day designs your destiny. If you eat consciously and move your body every day –Continue Reading

Out of the Arms and Into the Back: Learning that going with the flow in work, life and fitness may in fact be the ultimate strategy.

Training your back muscles properly takes instruction and proper technique. I can’t help but notice best-body hopefuls training their ‘arms and shoulders’ when in fact they are trying to train their back. Training your back effectively requires a neutral spine not hunched or curved. Typical cues that I would give to clients: • Push yourContinue Reading

Chicken Dijonnaise A Yummy New Summertime Recipe from Mikayla

Thank you, Mikayla for sharing this great recipe… 4 x 5 oz boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1″ cubes (I just left them as full breasts) Pinch of sea salt and pepper 1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 clove garlic, minced 1/2 cup chicken broth 2 tsp dijon mustardContinue Reading

Start At the Beginning: Understand Your Daily Metabolic Requirements

It’s about knowing what your body needs in a day to run optimally – fully metabolized – and having a clue if what you are putting in your mouth in a typical day is anywhere near that amount or in great excess. We have discussed the formula to determine the general guideline for your Daily MetabolicContinue Reading

Melting the Metabolic Disfunction

For the past twelve years, I have been helping clients to understand their basic metabolic needs and how to work with their macro-nutrient ratio to re-shape their bodies and revitalize their energy and passion for life.  It’s nice to see that America is catching on. Here’s why I’ve always believed my work is of utmostContinue Reading

Fighting the Obesity Problem

Do you ever have those times in your life when you are doing something and every way you turn, the Universe is providing you with confirmation that you are on the right path?  It’s pretty cool.  And it’s happening to me right now. I’m in Mexico working on my book.  I’d love to share theContinue Reading

Laser-Sharp Focus

If there’s a significant change you want to make in your life ~ whether it relates to your fitness and health, your business or your relationships ~ in order to initiate the change successfully, you need laser-sharp focus.  The greater the change, the sharper the focus required.  This is not to say that incremental changesContinue Reading

Reshape Your Body – Rapid Redesign Recipe for Turkey Meatloaf

Check out this delicious recipe for Turkey Meatloaf which will help you to BE PREPARED for your busy week and provide you with the fuel you need to energize and RESHAPE your body! Most people can’t seem to lose the excess body weight they want to lose because they are not prepared. I tell clients that weekends are forContinue Reading