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Competitive Plans for 2013? Top Performance – PowHERhouse Performance

I had a request to post progress shots this morning so felt that I’d better catch everyone up-to-date on my competitive athletic plans for the year.  When the year started, I set myself a competition date to train for because I always work harder with a concrete goal.  As the date approached, I felt thatContinue Reading

Ironman Triathlon Athlete to Physique Competitor: Michele Swatton Updates Us On Her Journey

I can’t believe a month has gone by already… it seems like every three days or so I have more questions, more stuff I want to learn….”am I doing this exercise correctly? am I in the gym long enough? am I really doing enough cardio?”… the process is so humbling coming in so green. IContinue Reading

Desiree Ellis – Team Adviser, Posing & Stage Presence Coach, Professional Make-Up Artist for Team VIBE, a Competitors’ Club for Natural Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, Figure & Bikini Athletes

Meet Desiree Ellis I was always athletic growing up. I ran track all through high school as a sprinter and a hurdler. I also played soccer, which was my favorite team sport, and did a bit of gymnastics. I have a martial arts background in kickboxing and kogido. And I didn’t really start weight trainingContinue Reading

First-Time Figure Competitor: Progress Check-In at a Busy 14 Weeks – Tara Collins Gabel

Wow..where has the time gone!?!? My Mexican holiday is now a long gone memory and I’m already feeling like I’m ready for a new vacation!! December was a gong show: on the go non-stop, kids out of school, family events, we all got sick with this crazy flu/cold thing going around and then of courseContinue Reading

Sleek and Sexy Clean Eating Recipe: Quiche Muffins

I tried these little muffins last week.  Great for a quick breakfast or lunch.  They also freeze well.  I like them because they are versatile – you can pretty much put whatever vegetables you want in them and also much them up into an ‘egg salad’ idea if you want them on brown rice toast,Continue Reading

New Beginnings… Time to Clean Up the Cr_p and Re-steady Your January Focus

We’re one week into January.  Have resolutions and good intentions already gone by the wayside?  How are you doing with your new beginnings?  Have they begun?  Or are they in need of a healthy shot of inspiration? Here’s three tips to use throughout the rest of this month to re-steady yourself: Plan for potholes:  We’reContinue Reading

Protein-Packed Sweet ‘n Tart Apple Crisp!

Over the next 18 weeks I’ll be sharing regular clean-eating recipes including quick ‘n easy meal ideas, make-them-on-the-weekend and be-prepared protein dishes and of course super yummy treats that taste too good to be true but won’t block your progress.  I’m on my way to the Emerald Cup stage on Saturday, May 4th, and IContinue Reading

A Testimonial From My Coach & Mentor, Desiree Ellis ~ Women I Adore!

The following testimonial was written by my friend, coach and mentor, Desiree Ellis, one of the women I adore most in my life… “I met Charlene over 10 years ago in the gym.  Then sometime after she became one of my clients and friend.  And all it took was a smile.  She asked me toContinue Reading

Mikayla Custance: Training Hard and Prepping for May! Figure Competitor and Fitness Model Off-Season Energy

Wow, what a busy last few months! Since the Emerald Cup I have been back in the gym training hard.  I plan to compete again in May.  This time at the Emerald Cup and the Western Naturals in Kelowna.  My goal is to place top 3 or top 5 and to qualify for the BCContinue Reading