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VIBE Personal Vibrancy Lifestyle Management is a private boutique training studio in Gibsons Landing.

Winter 2014 Studio Schedule

We focus on empowerment through expertise, teaching clients to work with food as fuel and supporting and motivating them to undergo physique and lifestyle transformations.

Located at 449 Marine Drive, across the street from Nagomi Sushi, and we’re pleased to join the Block in Gibsons Landing.

Charlene 604.741.7985  Ben 604.989.0785

50 years’ experience in the fitness industry.Ready to share with you!

Studio: As per current training schedule posted above. 

Our mission: To raise the energy of our community one body at a time.

Our motto: Empowerment through Expertise

The Story of VIBE!

This is the story of Vibe, a boutique studio in Gibsons Landing that started as a dream over 13 years ago.

The Dream: To build a fitness center that was both inclusive and exclusive where women could fully express themselves through physical components of health, fitness and self-care.

Like all dreams, Vibe started as an idea that quickly became a vision.  The next step was to make that vision a reality.

Business plans were written, focus groups hosted, surveys completed.  The first reiteration of Vibe opened its doors in September 2004 on North Road in Gibsons.  Aspects of the original vision played through, many lessons were learned and further clarity was gained over the next 5 years.

In September 2012, Vibe, a quaint private boutique studio opened its doors in Gibsons Landing.  Through clear communication and demonstration of our vision, people began to understand the possibilities of what it could be. Women who valued both the inclusivity and exclusivity of Vibe began to take personal ownership of it and make it their own.

The vision that started in 2000 has now come to fruitiona center for women that is both inclusive and exclusive where they can fully express themselves through physical components of health, fitness and self-care. An organic result of realizing this vision is the creation of a place where women can also express themselves through personal and professional components of networking, events, collaboration and teamwork.

Welcome to Vibe!Private & Small Training Personal Training

Welcome to Vibe!
Private & Small Group Personal Training

Vibe has begun to flourish along with its valued clientele of 40 exceptional women who collectively mold the centre to fit their goals and needs.

Vibe is the first Personal Vibrancy Boutique Studio of its kind tailored to the collective needs of its clients who collaboratively provide input on its direction, the workshops and offerings they most desire, the clothing and supplements they like to have available, and the services they enjoy participating in.

Inclusive and exclusive where clients understand the value of investing in themselves and are re-invested in as clients at an equal or greater value of time, energy and expertise to ensure lasting results, long-term relationships and ever-growing energy.

This is the story of Vibe.

We invite you to be part of the story.

Weights, CardioFit Boxing, Spinning & Yoga... the perfect blend!

Weights, CardioFit Boxing, Spinning & Yoga… the perfect blend!


Charlene SanJenko and Ben Smith